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Spinnaker Trim

Spinnaker trim really falls into two categories; sails flown on a pole and sails flown on a fixed sprit. There are also a very few boats that fly asymmetrics on an articulating sprit but in general those articulate through a small enough range that flying them is nearly the same as flying a sail on a fixed sprit. However what you are trying to accomplish is the same in all cases. For that reason this article will focus mainly on trimming spinnakers flown on a standard spinnaker pole with some ideas on how to incorporate the same ideas for sprit sails.

There are four main controls you use to obtain the shape you want; pole position vertically, pole position horizontally, sheet tension, and sheet lead position. Basic wisdom has always been to fly the spinnaker pole pulled aft so that it is perpendicular to the wind, fly it high enough so both clews are level (on symmetric sails), then ease the sheet out until the luff of the sail just starts to curl over. While this will get you close it will also leave you lagging behind the good trimmers that take full advantage of all the controls at their disposal.

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Full Batten Cruising Mains 


Full batten cruising mains offer some advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of when purchasing you next mainsail. Besides the extra cost there are several other factors you should consider.

The biggest advantage is that they will make the sail last longer with proper care; sails break down from two major causes, flogging and UV degradation. With full length battens the sail will not flog like a soft sail will either in conditions where you have to depower by easing the main, or while motor sailing. Full length battens will also maintain the cross sectional shape in the sail longer as the sail ages.

Besides helping to maintain better shape full battens can also make sail handling easier. When you lower the sail it is much easier to flake on the boom because you can just stack the battens on top of the boom and that gets all the sail up off the deck and out of the way as quickly as possible. Then it is a simple matter to straighten out the folds between the battens and tie it up with your sail gaskets. If you


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Congratulations to Recent Winners 
* denotes partial inventory 
Rolex Big Boat Series:
1st IRC Division D - J109 Electra   Tom Brott
3rd IRC Division B - Flyer*         Rob Sjostedt 
Long Beach Charity Regatta:
1st Class A1    Victorie*       Bob Atkins
2nd Class A2    Electra         Tom Brott
3rd Class A2    Alpha Papa      Gordon Leon
2nd Class B     Blind Squirrel  David Hansen 

Vic Maui Race:

1st to Finnish - Terremoto!*  Scott and Susan Burbank
2nd Overall, 2nd in Class

So. Cal. PHRF Championship:
Hitchhiker     1st Class B
Problem Child* 2nd Sport Class
Klexy          3rd Class A2
Trust Me*      3rd Class B


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